What is Green Games?

Earth Day GlobeGreen Games is a student-led environmental competition between the UNC housing communities with the goal of promoting sustainable behavior and environmental education.

Residents can earn points for their communities by participating in programs, contests, and events organized by their community’s student leaders. Anyone can participate!

Already hosted a Green Games Program? Submit your program for points through StarRez (make sure to check off that it is a Green Games event in order to receive Green Games points!) and earn points for your community! Please make sure to describe your program accurately so that Taylor can assign the correct number of points!

Program Themes

Check out recent and upcoming Green Games program themes! Learn more about program ideas and earning points for your community.

Power Up Windmill postcard Green Games October Program — The Environment in Politics

September 30, 2019

Environmental politics is the study of political theories and ideas related to the environment, the examination of the environmental stances of both mainstream political parties and environmental social movements, and the analysis of public policymaking and implementation affecting the environment at multiple geopolitical levels.

E-guy recycling mascot with recycling containers in The Pit at UNC. Green Games September Program — Recycling Right!

September 19, 2019

Do your residents know what they can and can’t recycle on campus? Do they know where to recycle things on campus? Do they know what happens to the recycling when it leaves campus? These are all examples of questions that you can teach your residents about recycling! By recycling right, we can assure that more materials get recycled and lessen the costs associated with recycling.

A Quarter Century of Carolina Sustainability

April 22, 2019

With sustainability initiatives that work to redirect cardboard, Styrofoam and other plastic away from landfills as students move into their residence halls in the fall and programs that help students donate unwanted items to thrift shops when they move out in the spring, Carolina has kept hundreds of tons of waste from landfills over the years. This environmental feat can be traced back to a competition among residence halls that began 25 years ago.

Green Games Intern

Taylor Cooleen, Green Games Intern

Your resource for any questions, concerns, or comments about Green Games.


Program Ideas and Points

Get ready to earn some points!

Bonus Points!
  • For each event you host, you’ll earn the number of points specified in the nearby Green Games chart, along with +2 points per resident in attendance!
  • Earn 5 points per program by including photos of your event to the Green Games Picture Program Form
  • Stay tuned for details on special CONTESTS!
  • Do a program that corresponds with the Monthly Program Theme for an extra thirty points!
  • When RA’s and Sustainability Officers attend monthly or biweekly meetings for Green Games, they earn extra points!
Green Games Programming Ideas! Click to enlarge.

In-Community Programs

  • Make valentines out of recycled paper, repurpose old tshirts, decorate your own reusable shopping bag… Get creative!
  • Invite FLO Foods or another organization to present about the importance of eating local and organic
  • Host your own “cooking show” focused on sustainable cooking and eating!
  • Reduce food waste by creating “recycled recipes” out of leftover meals or ingredients
  • Host a presentation on sustainable transportation methods–provide information on bus routes, invite a representative to speak about Tar Heel Bikes, plan a walking tour of Chapel Hill/Carrboro, etc.
  • Invite a guest speaker or representative from an environmental organization or student group (hint, hint) to talk about a special topic
  • Host an “Environmental Trivia Night”
  • Plan a scavenger hunt to find wasted sources of energy on campus
  • Rent a projector and show an environmental-themed film or documentary

Other Programs

  • Volunteer at Carolina Campus Community Garden, Hope Gardens (contact nchopegardens@gmail.com), or Battle Park
  • Organize a group of students to do a roadside or campus cleanup
  • Get a group of volunteers to help restore old bicycles at The ReCyclery in Carrboro
  • Learn about the benefits of renewable energy while volunteering at Piedmont Biofuels
  • Organize a cleanup of Bolin Creek
  • Collect excess/unused (fresh) food from students before a holiday break and donate it to the local homeless shelter
  • Create a pledge (with the help of your residents) about energy and water conservation, waste reduction, etc. and then have students sign it and distribute it to their friends!
  • Host a hard-to-recycle items drive for items such as batteries, styrofoam, electronics, or flourescent bulbs. Contact OWRR and EHS for help!
  • Hold a program to sign your residents up for Spread it Forward! Help them complete tasks on the website and work together to take some great pictures for the gallery!
Take a group of students to attend an event on campus–a great idea for a program you don’t have to plan!

  • Lecture by a guest speaker about environmental/sustainability issues
  • Indoor or outdoor screening of an environmental-themed movie or documentary
  • Sustainability Social or other event featuring environmental groups on campus
  • Earth Week events such as Swap Shop or a Sustainable Art Exhibit
Aim to make EVERY program a BYO program (when applicable)!

  • Ice cream social where residents bring their own bowls and spoons
  • Pizza party where residents bring their own plates (including information on how to recycle/compost pizza boxes!)
  • Sustainable cooking class where residents bring their own plates, utensils, and ingredients to make “recycled recipes”!